Ace Window and Gutter Cleaning & High Pressure Water Cleaning Servicing the Sutherland Shire and St George Area

Professionals with over 20 years experience.

Jason and Damien Van-Milder



About Us

Damien and Jason Van-Milder are brothers and business partners who have provided professional window and gutter cleaning to the Shire and St George Area for over 20 years.  Brothers you have come to know and trust because their quality of work and attention to detail exceeds all else on the market. Who else makes you believe they have removed the glass from the frames? Apart from window cleaning their other specialties include gutter cleaning and house washes. They pride themselves on the thorough work they do and have a long history of keeping our Shire beautiful!

Ricky is our star employee. His quality of work is fantastic.  We are very proud to have Ricky on board our team. 

ricky 1
Dash is the newest member of our team and he runs the Pressure Cleaning side of things. He has experience with driveways, cleaning all outdoor surfaces, graffiti removal and deck cleaning. His contact details are found below.


Window Cleaning

Included in the price we will clean your windows inside and out, clean the frames tracks and the sills.  Just let us know whether there is extra glass you require cleaning such as glass balustrading or skylights.

Gutter Cleaning

We get up on your roof and remove leaves and debris by hand into bags.  This is then put into your green bin which saves tip fees and keeps the price down for you. 

House Wash

We are able to soft wash the exterior walls of your house with watered poles and soft brushes.  This is especially popular when selling a property to give new life to the exterior paint. 

Gutter and Eave Wash

Sometimes your gutters and eaves get water runoff from a dirty roof when it rains,  we soft wash the outside of your gutters and eaves and make them like new again.

High-Pressure Water Cleaning

This is used to clean driveways, brickwork, poolsides and most outdoor surfaces.  We can freshen up old driveways and make them like new again!  Graffiti removal is also very successful with our techniques. 


Sutherland Shire NSW 2232 (windows and gutters)
Office - 9544 3191 / Jason - 0449 869 808 / Damien 0488 792 369
Sutherland Shire (high pressure water cleaning)
Dash - 0426 611 449