Gutter Cleaning

Don’t keep putting Gutter Cleaning off!

Most of us are aware of the importance of regular gutter cleaning however it’s one of those things that is easily put off because we don’t always see it to remind us.  The fact is the longer you leave your gutters full of leaves the more damage they can cause and the more it will cost you in the long run.

Reasons to keep those gutters clean:

1) When your gutters are full you may find that the water drains back into the eaves which can cause rotting to the timber frame inside the house.  This issue is very rarely covered by insurance, so if you find you have water damage and make a claim to your insurance company, they will send an assessor out to the house and if your gutters are full you will not be covered for the damage caused.

2) Leaves left to rot in the gutters can block up the drain pipes so when it rains water will overflow where you don’t want it to rather than being drained to the storm water.  This can lead to water building up and sitting in the gutters which will result in rust spots and holes in the gutters. Replacing a section of your gutters will be more expensive than having them cleaned!

3) Weeds can start to grow in the debris left in gutters, and because you can’t see it happening, before you know it the roots can destroy your gutters or block them up so much that you need to remove and replace the downpipes.

4) A lot of us in this beautiful Shire live in bush-fire prone zones.  What this means is that along with keeping your backyards and areas close to your home free of dead leaves and tree debris, it is really important to keep the leaves out of your gutters.  If your house does come in close contact with a bush fire it is more likely going to survive it if the gutters are clear.  All it takes is one spark from the fire to catch the leaves alight and then your whole roof will go up.

Should you install Gutter Guard??

We personally do not recommend having gutter guard installed.  Unfortunately the guard still lets dirt through into the gutter which then can’t be cleaned out properly and often gets blocked up in the drains.  It also allows weeds to grow from the dirt in the gutters through the gutter guard causing more issues.

How we clean your Gutters…

When we clean your gutters, we do it my getting onto your roof and removing the leaves and debris by hand into bags.  We then put the waste into your green bin which enables us to keep the costs down as there are no tip fees attached to the price. While we are up there we can take photos of any damage to the gutters or roof to let you know if anything is needing repairs.