Spring Cleaning

I love spring cleaning… well I love Spring and I love a clean house 🙂

A lot of our regular customers have a booking around the beginning of Spring. The suns out shining and people are opening more of their blinds and the Springtime sun shining on the glass shows up all the dirt from Winter and the rains. It got me thinking about the origins of “Spring Cleaning”.



There are a few cultural and/or religious contenders claiming they started the tradition many centuries ago, however I do like the idea behind the biological explanation… basically through the Winter months our bodies are seeing less sunlight and therefore the pineal gland produces more melatonin which makes us sleepy… so when we suddenly see more light we are physically feeling more energetic and getting up earlier, I know I am always happier in the warmer months and feel the most motivated and get “more” done than in the lazy colder months. As soon as you start to smell those freesias give us a call to help with all your Spring Cleaning needs!